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Join JiuJitsu classes if you want to lose weight

Join JiuJitsu classes if you want to lose weight

The techniques of JiuJitsu include chokes, grappling mounts and submissions. The JiuJitsu classes run by skilled instructors usually combine fun and rewarding routines which are also effective in losing weight and enhancing your mental and physical abilities. This martial art form requires constant movement and balance which involves many different groups of muscles simultaneously. This is the reason that you end up burning a lot of calories, even more than you would in an exercise like running.

Jiu Jitsu Classes

Cardio and HIIT

Full body workouts like cycling, jogging and swimming involve the entire body, but some people are unable to indulge in this exercise in one continuous go. This could be due to obesity or any other health conditions and here is where HIIT comes into the picture. HIIT is essentially High Intensity Interval Training. In this type of training vigorous activity is interlaced with periods of rest. For instance, an HIIT workout could consist of sprinting for two to five minutes and then walking for next one to two minutes and continuing with sprinting and then walking. This routine should be followed for a period of 20 minutes. It has been observed during scientific studies that people lose weight faster with HIIT than they do with cardiovascular training. However, in the long run cardiovascular exercises burn more fat than HIIT. In Jiu Jitsu Classes usually both these methods are practiced to get the benefit of both.

Strength training

Many people have the wrong notion that if you do strength training you become bulky. In truth strength training helps in burning fat even when the body is resting. Some of the moves of JiuJitsu like arm bar, side control, Guillotine choke and full mount require a lot of strength conditioning to be able to do them successfully. If you perform the techniques of this martial art on a repeated basis, it will build your physical strength and stamina.

Technique training

There are no strikes in Brazilian JiuJitsu and in this training participants can operate at full speed and with full power and this leads to the maximum burning of calories. There are drills of techniques like sparring, submission, grappling and position drilling taught in JiuJitsu classes which require a certain set of techniques to be used. In order to remain at the peak of your physical fitness this kind of technique training is included in live training. If you practice submissions alone or with a sparring partner, then it will exercise your muscles and cause your body to lose fat.

How to find JiuJitsu class

The best way to find a JiuJitsu class is to search on the internet. You will find many different websites of training institutes and you should study several such websites and short list 3-4 of them. Then pay a visit to each one of these short listed classes personally and talk to the instructors there. Also make sure to read the reviews and testimonials of the people who have already attended these classes. This method will help you to single out a JiuJitsu training class that you wish to attend.